About Us

This venture started as a hobby in February of 2016 by some regular guys who developed a passion for collecting in elementary school..

We first began collecting in the late 90s.  It all started with marbles on the playground; all the kids used to play marbles on a multi-leveled dirt surface, with a hole in the middle.  If you got your marble in on your turn first, you won.  Most kids played for keepsies.  Eventually too many kids lost and informed their parents who complained to the school, and sadly marbles were banned.

Now we needed to find something else to do with ourselves.  And the timing worked out well because in January of 1999 the Pokémon Trading Card Game was released in North America.  Along with a game for the Nintendo Gameboy and a TV show.  Then a movie released in theaters! Soon after that, Pokémon cards were everywhere, and kids were bringing them to school in their pockets and trades were happening left, right and center.  Any card that was holographic was automatically cool!  And if you had any of the starter Pokémon (Charizard, Blastoise & Venusaur), then you were basically a legend.

Kids were trading and then wanting to trade back.  But when you call no trade backs; say goodbye to your cards.  Schools soon banned all Pokémon cards for this reason. 

Soon after, The Digimon trading card game was released.  With a TV Show, Toys & Collectible cards to trade!  Cards started showing up at school and after a few weeks were banned, again. 

Fast forward to 2002.  Yu-Gi-Oh! is released with a TV show and a Trading Card Game. The first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! laid the foundation for the most epic monsters and inspiring characters:  

Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon! 
Yugi’s Dark Magician & Exodia!
Joey’s Time Wizard & Red-Eyes Black Dragon!
Pegasus’ Relinquished & Toon Monsters! 


The Yugi & Kaiba Starter Decks from our local Wal-Mart were the first released!  They came with a duel mat and a rule book to teach you how to play.  We had countless epic bouts.

For us: collecting was more important than playing any TCG.  We managed to keep most of our cards until late 2015 when we discovered Gem Mint Pokémon and The Old School Expert on YouTube.  Both of them had passions for collecting that reignited the fire inside that we forgot all about!  Both taught us so much, through their educational and informative videos they consistently shared. 

This propelled us into collecting again. Soon we got our friends involved and they started collecting too!

When we found out about graded cards, we were so interested.  It was something we never knew we wanted until we saw it.  Of course: all the nostalgic cards from our childhood protected and encased in mint condition! We had to collect them all! 

We started with The Pokémon Unlimited Base Set and slowly crossed off every WOTC set in PSA 9 Mint condition.  As we reached our goals and time passed we decided to sell our collection to fund other goals.  Before we knew it we had doubles of cards, booster boxes and eventually developed a customer base relying on us to provide these items for sale.

Along the way we met so many other collectors, some who only collected Pokémon, and those who only collected Yu-Gi-Oh! And now so many who collect both and more!

Today, we are more casual collectors; just a few of our favorites remain in our collection..

As of 2021 we have been able to turn this hobby into a self-sustaining business. We have grown our International presence by providing a dynamic, welcoming environment so all kinds of collectors with various levels of experience and familiarity with trading cards can count on reliable and professional products and service. We could never have imagined it would come this far, but we are extremely proud and grateful it has. Welcome to Dual Collectible Inc.